"We're not a traditional chain"

We are Princess.

Though we share a mission and philosophy of extraordinary excellence and unparalleled service, each Princess Liquors establishment is designed to blend with local color, catering to the taste and lifestyle of each community we serve.  Every boutique shop has a mind of its own, a vision and focus that aims to pour and please what our clientele covet—variety, value and a virtual tour of the world’s finest vineyards.

The staff of Princess Liquors are real people with strong personalities and a passion for uncorking the flavors that will make just the right difference.  They are trained and committed to fostering relationships, bringing customers back because the purchase suits exactly.  Bottled alongside the “spirits” are knowledge, courtesy and liters of time willingly devoted to every person who chooses to select discriminately.

As the company president and CEO, as well as an avid wine enthusiast myself, I firmly believe that the friendly neighborhood store with its distinctive ambience and personally selected merchandise will always “trump” the large scale cookie cutter retailers.   Our locations were chosen selections deliberately and are often in direct competition with broader and slightly lower prices, but our uniformed experts stand ready to point out exceptional values, usually the “gems” I find personally in small family vineyards.  The wines we recommend have passed the scrutiny of my “royal” standards—touching the vines, inspecting the barrels and tasting the product at the perfect temperature.

Princess Liquors does not currently offer a loyalty discount club; however we believe we package our shopping experience with old-fashioned customer service, promises to locate obscure favorites, brilliant new surprises and frequent tastings inside our inviting, comfortable environments.  Fine wine is an aura of life that was not meant for the supermarket; from the Golden Ages, it has been artistic and spiritual, a rim of life to be valued.  Princess Liquors respects that image and strives to uphold the lofty style.

For those who understand this journey, it is as exciting as the destination.  My appetite is set to open more stores, make more friends who appreciate the poetry of grapes, and grow a following that expects a multi-dimensional best. For those who know me personally and understand my passion and devotion, I’m striving to create a new destination. Scroll along with me—the best is yet to come!